May 24, 2024 1:17 pm Friday

textile technology lab​

weaving laboratory

Handloom weaving laboratory

Handloom Weaving Practice lab is equipped with handlooms, preparatory equipments such as Charka, sectional warping machine and sufficient number of handlooms with different weaves such as plain weave ,derivatives of plain weave ,twill weaves , mockleno weaves, honey comb weaves, huck -a-back weaves ,double cloth, triple cloth ,backed cloth ,welts and pique, terry etc. for practical training of the students on weaving technology and fabric structure.

Handloom weaving lab is equipped with large number of Handlooms so as to provide individual loom to each student to practice design, drafting, denting and sample development. The students also gain conceptual knowledge of different motions of weaving such as primary, secondary and auxiliary motions.

Weaving laboratory is equipped with

Improved handlooms and semi automatic looms

powerloom weaving lab ​

Powerloom Weaving lab is equipped with preparatory machines such as cone winding, pirn winding, warping etc. and looms such as semiautomatic looms, ordinary powerloom, automatic powerloom etc. The students practice dismantling and erection of different mechanisms of preparatory machines and looms.

Preparatory machines and looms