Saturday 24th July 2021


The sports complex has facilities for outdoor games such as cricket, football, volleyball as well as indoor games like badminton, chess and carom.

  1. Very neat and clean football -cum-Cricket ground
  2. Two volleyball grounds with seating facility for audience (boys/girls)
  3. Well marked ball badminton ground for boys
  4. Concreted basketball ground for boys
  5. 3 Shuttle badminton grounds (2 for boys and one for girls)
  6. Kho-kho ground for boys and girls marked inside the cricket ground at the time of annual sports
  7. Indoor games such Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, Weight Lifting, Tumbles, Gadha are available for boys
  8. For girls, carom, Chess, Cycling, Skipping are available
  9. A volleyball -cum- throw ball ground, Tennikoit and Shuttle Badminton grounds are available for girls
  10. For Athletics Track Events, Field Events, Throw Events facilities are available
  11. A Gallery with mini stage for arranging mini sports functions available