Sunday 25th March 2018

Placements for 2016-2017

S.NoName of the CompanyPackage Selected Candidates
1SGS India (P) Ltd, Bangalore1.80 Lakhs02
2SGS, Tirupur 1.80 Lakhs01
3Intertek ,Tirupur1.62 Lakhs04
4SAVA International,Karur 1.56 Lakhs08
5Kwalitee Fabrics, Karur1.44 Lakhs06
6Modern Testing Service, Bangalore1.44 Lakhs03
7Indokem Overseas (Pvt) Ltd, Karur1.44 Lakhs01
8Ankadi Silks, Bangalore0.96 Lakhs02

Placements for 2015-2016

S.NoName of the CompanyPackageSelected Canditates
1Laboni Collections, Karur 1.2 Lakhs12
2Synthesis Home Textiles (P)Ltd., Karur.0.96 Lakhs10
3Texsyard International, Madurai.0.96 Lakhs12
4PEE AAA IMPEX, Karur.1.1 Lakhs5
5Sarathy Exports Fabrics, Karur.1.2 Lakhs6
6Gocop, Bangalore0.96 Lakhs2
7Thulasi Silk, Chennai1.2 Lakhs1
8Aauraa International, Karur.1.24 Lakhs11